Pink Fire Trucks

pink fire trucks
Spirited Gladys Elizabeth is at it again!
It is CAREER DAY at school and Gladys Elizabeth boldly announces that she is going to be a firegirl. After a classmate tells her that girls cannot fight fires, Gladys Elizabeth proves that she can be whatever she wants to be!
It was a great pleasure to collaborate with the wonderful award-winning author, Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri on her second exciting bilingual book “Pink Fire Trucks/Los Camiones de Bomberos de Color Rosado
A book about courage and gender equality that follows the adventures of the little girl-Gladys from the “Rubber Shoes/Los zapatos de Goma” .
This story describes Career Day at school, when Gladys Elizabeth and her classmates are asked to draw a picture of what they’d like to be when they grow up. Gladys Elizabeth draws a pink fire truck.
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 Her choice sparks a debate between the girls and boys in the class about whether or not girls can do “boy jobs.” Finally, on a field trip to the fire station, Gladys Elizabeth and her friends find out the truth when they are greeted by a female firefighter.
Are you curious to see what Gladys Elizabeth’s new adventure would be?
You should check the book trailer:

You can order your copy of this book here:

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