“A Tree’s Wish” is out!

A Tree’s Wish will inspire your child to find their own special way to celebrate the holiday season, creating heartwarming memories for many years to come!

A beautiful story by Allyson Byrd, illustrated by Lina Safar.

A Tree's Wish

What tree doesn’t dream of being a Christmas tree, covered with lights and sparkling decorations, and bringing joy to all who see it? In a forest clearing, a lonely little tree stands apart from all the others.

No animals scamper about in his branches. No birds build nests in them. The other trees are too far away to touch. If only he could be a Christmas tree, and be surrounded by love and laughter!

But is he special enough to be chosen? One family thinks so and their unique holiday tradition is even better than he could have imagined!

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You can order your copy of  “A Tree’s Wish” on Amazon, or Here.


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